Various SEO Methods You Might Be Doing Wrong

Have you ever thought of focusing on content and ignoring SEO or search engine optimization? Well, no offence, but it’s a worst though ever! As an online business owner, you should know what’s kicking in and what’s not.

In this digital age, SEO is still a top-notch option to come on top in the industry your business deals. From the past few years, some of the rules have changed but to cope up, you need a plan but before that, take a look at some latest stats:

75% of the visitors never scroll beyond the first page of search results
95% of the online works and even experiences start with search engines
80-85% users ignore paid ads while searching online.
Lately, business owners are making some mistakes repeatedly. Here are some of them to debate on:
Anchor Text
Latest businesses online are using anchor text to divert traffic to their website. Anchor text is a set of clickable words in hypertext. You can add various anchor texts in an article or blog which can direct a reader or a visitor to your website for other content on your website and also to relevant content on other sites.
To use them correctly, your best bet can be a healthy mix, like using long tail links i.e. using anchor texts of a wide variety to be safe or using branded anchor text.

In earlier days, keywords used to be the king of a website’s success but now content has won the throne. But still, keywords play a major role in keeping your site one step ahead. The mistakes which most of the novices and even experts continue to do are:
Targeting wrong keywords
Padding way too much keywords in content
Whenever you try to stuff keywords in a content, with an intention to optimize your web page, unknowingly you are going on a wrong path. Search engines go through each and every content published on every site. As soon as they come across any content that has keywords usage in an unnatural way, it rejects it and penalizes you. Sounds harsh? Well, you play the system, the system plays you in return!
There is no doubt that backlinks matter in optimizing a website’s SEO. Rather, in 2016, a survey took place which concluded that 92% of people use guest posting and content promotion as an integral part of their strategy. And 75% of people think link strategy as one of the most effective ones in SEO-boosting strategies.
A rookie mistake which business owners usually make is to add tons of backlinks that too from spammy or penalized sites or who are having a domain authority less than 20. It leaves a negative impact on your site. Instead, add 3-4 relevant backlinks of high-quality content.

Well, humans are meant to do mistakes and in the case of SEO, it increases as it is a beast, after all. To provide the best SEO service to your customers, follow these 3 most important methods in the correct way.

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